Teacher Talkies

Teacher Talkies is a series of conversations with practicing school teachers talking about their experiences, expectations, hopes and dreams about Teacher Education of the country. We asked these teachers about their experience of their professional teacher training and how would they re-imagine the kind of teacher education our country should strive towards.This space is also for one to write and share your personal reflections, ideas and experiences from your journey of being a teacher.  Here are snippets of open sharing, right from the teacher’s hearts…

Watch Rekha sharing ‘what is and what should be’ in Teacher education

Watch Arveen & Ruchika share their personal experiences of their Teacher Ed. courses

Watch Aradhana suggesting how technology & Teacher student relationship are critical areas for teacher education to be able to address the needs of today’s learner

 Watch Jayashree and Prerna talk about the importance of self – awareness and reflection as a part of Teacher education programmes

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  1. Interesting range of experiences! I am glad to know that apparently some helpful models exist among the banality. I know these teachers to reflect some of our most effective practitioners, so this is exceedingly important input.


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