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One teacher’s learning has a potential to inspire the whole community. This is a space designed to enable sharing of such learning experiences and resources. We really value your unique experience as an educator and would love to see/ hear/ read what you have to share with our members. Please contribute videos, classroom activities, learning materials, tools, etc that helped you connect with your children and helped discover the teacher within. Do add a small write up to your resource to give the context of your learning and inspire many others.

Working with hands – the way of Inspired learning

Experiential learning through multidisciplinary projects is considered world-wide as a late 20th century innovation in pedagogy. And yet when we started working intensely on this idea, I was pleasantly surprised that inspiration was to be found closer to home in Gandhi ji’s Nai Talim which used productive work as a means of teaching and learning. The idea of doing work projects which were rooted in real-life and involved working with real artisans and experts from our local community was powerful and inspiring. I saw ‘Sitaram ji’ becoming a reality inside our classrooms when Naseem Ji, a local carpenter, began teaching our children. This idea  completely turned the notion of schooling and education on its head and this was an idea worth sharing. This short film was made at the time in order for us at Heritage to internalise our own understanding of productive work and projects and also to share it with the larger community of educators and parents.

                                                                                – Lakshmi Singh

In the sands of learning…

Summary – An insightful conversation with Minoti didi, a teacher of Mirambika, about sand play. She has been working joyfully with 4 year olds for more than a decade and this conversation reveals her deep understanding of children and her love for them. This piece gives a profound insight, about how a teacher’s caring observation can enable her to really know her children, develop a relationship with them and facilitate learning.

Click here to read the full write up – In the sands of learning

A conversation with Vivian Paley

My Inspiration – The first time I witnessed the work of Vivian Paley was some 10 years back when one of my mentor’s read out a few words form one of Vivian’s books in our training session. It was what I can best describe as love at first reading! since then, I have been a huge fan of Vivian’s writing and recommend it to many pre-school teachers. So what’s the big deal? Many people have their favourite authors. What is special about Vivian? Well let me tell you something that’s magical and extremely unique about her writing. Vivian has been a kindergarten teacher throughout her teaching career and has been recording classroom conversations of her students on a tape recorder all this while. And guess what? That’s what her books carry! Conversations of Pre – school children and Vivian’s interpretations of these conversations. She believes in the power of story telling more than the art of it. Most of her lessons and teaching is about having students create, narrate and dramatize their stories and learn through them. Here is a list of her books if you are interested to experience some magical teaching. Almost all of her books are available for online purchase:

  • Wally’s Stories
  • The boy who would be a helicopter
  • You can’t say you can’t play
  • Latest release – Boys and Girls: superheros in the doll corner

Sharing with you an interview of Vivian Paley – my inspiration for life! click here to read –

Below is an excerpt from one of her books where Kindergartners are trying to measure a rug by making their classmates lie down on the rug itself! Click the image below to enlarge:


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