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You have entered our common reading room. In this section, you will be able to access and read a variety of reading materials such as articles, essays, presentations, online books etc. related to education with a focus specifically on Teacher Education. If you have any useful resource that you would like to be put up in your reading room, please feel free to share with us and we will include it in our collection. Happy Reading!

|Teacher Education|

 On the Nature of Teaching and Teacher Education

– Difficult Practices that look easy

Summary – The effort over the past 150 years to create an effective and respected system for preparing teachers in the United States has not been easy. A large body of research on the history of teacher-education reform is a tale of persistent mediocrity and resistance to change. The author’s aim in this article is not to revisit this sad story, but to examine an old and enduring problem that has long blocked the path to a truly professional education for teachers, that teaching is an enormously difficult job that looks easy. The author explores the roots of the gap between the reality and the perception of learning to teach by first spelling out some of the characteristics of teaching that make it such a difficult form of professional practice. He then examines key elements in the nature of teaching that make the process of becoming a teacher seem so uncomplicated.

Click here to read the full article – Nature_of_Teaching_and_TE  By – David F. Labaree, Michigan State University

Reflective Practitioner Through In-service Education By Rohit Dhankar

Residency based model of Teacher education

These are some reports and studies from  U.S. that talk about the importance of clinical practice in Teacher Education. Just like a medical school cannot function without a hospital for aspiring doctors to practice; an education school should not function without a K-12 school.

High impact philanthropy to improve teacher quality

The design of Clinical Experience

Transforming Teacher education through clinical practice

Urban teacher Residency models


|Insights from the Field|


Soul Culture: Creating a conducive inner environment for learning

Summary – Learning is largely a subjective process. But we live in a world where subjective experiences are seen as invalid. Because of this certain aspects of education which relate with the subjective dimension of learning have been largely ignored. One such aspect is attending to  the inner environment of the child, which involves helping them relate to their thoughts & emotions in a creative & constructive manner. The article will explore this situation & also ways in which such a need can be met by schools.

Click here to read the full article – Soul Culture  By –  Prerna Shivpuri & Srinivasan

 Assessment – A team game

Summary – The huge task of assessing students is put on the teacher’s already burdened shoulders alone. It is very rare in our country that students are involved in their own assessments. To the extent that how they are being assessed and why are there variations in the way their teachers have marked them are kept hidden from them; forget about sharing the criteria for excellence with them. This article describes how it is important for the assessments to be a collaboration between teachers and students and shares some practical ways in which this can be done in school spaces.

Click here to read the full article – Assessment – A team game  By- Prerna Shivpuri


|Reflections and Ideas|

Attend to Primary School Teachers By – Vimala Ramachandran

Teacher Motivation in India – By – Vimala Ramachandran

Real Education

“I wake up almost every day to the early morning rush to get to work, getting my child ready to be ‘bused’ to school. On my way out, I see the usual lines of uniform clad children outside our society, walking with lack luster gait almost with a sense of hard duty to board their yellow buses to school. For a long time I thought – ‘there is nothing unusual about that. This is the norm.’ Children for as long as I knew, starting from my very own childhood, woke up on hot or cold mornings at the anxious and forceful behest of their parents to ‘go to school’, to ‘go get a good life.’

Only recently did I get the opportunity……..”

Click here to read the full write up – Education is Real By – Lakshmi Singh


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