Circle Time

– Thelma D’souza, PGLDLT-Aspirant, IAAT-ASB, Mumbai

At the beginning of our IAAT session, we were introduced to the Morning Circle. “Morning Circle” What’s that? Wait, let me brief you about the Morning Circle.
A Circle has no corners, right? Yes.
Standing in a circle helps to be connected, a feeling of oneness. As everyone is given space.

Elements of Morning Circle
 Greeting
 Sharing
 Energizer
 Greeting: As salutation such as “Dear Fourth Graders”, or “Good Morning, Friends!“
 Sharing: Any academic or social skills.
 Energizer: Any movement based activity to get physically and mentally started.
Guidelines For Following Morning Circles
 The teacher is not a leader but a mere facilitator
 Teachers need to set rules
 Objectives to be planned

How Does Morning Circle help?
 The transition from home to school serves well for the teacher as well as students.
 Easy to gain attention for teacher and students
 Start with a free mind
 Begin the day with a happy note.
 Showcase talent both for teacher and students.

Now, taking all the above into consideration, I geared up for my first Morning Circle.
Looks and sounds easy! Ah  ah……no no. A thorough planning is required. It was a challenge to lead ..Lots of apprehensions, How, When, What? Will I be able to engage them? What about discipline?….needed to seek help, so I approached my Collaborating Teacher at ASB, also took some suggestions from my IAAT Teacher Educator and my colleagues.

The children began entering the classroom. They eagerly read the salutation. At the sound of the chime, they all sat on the carpet. I played an A.V. “Greetings in different countries.” The children were glued to the screen.

A bright smile lit up their faces on seeing their country. A soft shrill echoed as India and USA greeting was
displayed on the screen. The video generated a lot of enthusiasm. This boosted my confidence.

Soon, the children adopted their own personalized greetings for their pals.
Now, it was time for sharing. Here I used an academic skill-literacy skill (Phonics) asking children to name any particular food item associated with their name initial. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, racking their brains like-
 Veer likes Vada-pav
 Lily likes Lettuce
 Tara likes Tortilla

Finally, the much-awaited energizer!
Everyone had their own choice, “Hot potatoes, See Saw” …….were the appeals heard? “No ways”, thought I! We need to save our lives. I see burning bushes. So off we go. Fire on the Mountain… run…
– Oh how the children enjoyed themselves! They exclaimed “more! more…!”. Some pleaded for one last time, but I had to disappoint them as there were time constraints, but I promised them, ”Maybe some other time”


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