Decoding Impossible

Muhammad Ali

The fear of inadequacy of your own self is what it makes things impossible. But is the fear based on incomplete realisation of self or just the fear of failure. If we have fear of failure but have never failed then how can we fear it and we have failed, then why fear it. Shouldn’t the failure be in itself be the spirit to work towards; turning it around and conquering that fear.

So what is impossible? Is it an attitude based on some unfounded fears? Why is impossible a huge hurdle that all billions of us have faced sometime or other and most of us have acknowledged it as well!

The setting and timing however are intangible items that are far more real than a complex mesh of mindset. We cannot have robots sitting in Mercury today. In today’s timing, it is an impossible task to achieve this mission even in the next 5 years. A grade 5 child in remote part of the country cannot read Grade 2 text. To have him learn calculus in the next 2 years is impossible. So is it really just a mindset problem?

To claim it to be possible maybe a very egalitarian  and optimistic view point but to make it possible needs reform in the structure which in some cases may not see light in his/her lifetime. So isn’t their claim of task being impossible real? It could be temporary in the large scheme of things when plotted over millions of people and their lives but for that child it is real.

Does that imply that, “Impossible is nothing” is like a speck in the cloud of motivational dust, perhaps like the pole star in the milky way that can provide direction for some and for some it’s a mere a bright star!

Sunayna Uberoy, Alumnus, I Am A Teacher

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