I am…

I am a dreamer

I am a learner

I am a believer

I build a nation

I am a Teacher 

A movement and a force to regain our pride as teachers and connect with the important work we have. We need belief; in ourselves, our work and in our children. Only when we believe, we make it happen.

We can change the world. Can we trust this and not treat it as mere rhetoric?

Only when we realize our potential, we can help our children to discover their true potential.Who we are matters more than what we teach. We have known all along that we have to live whatever we expect from our children. If we want them to be life long learners, then we have to be chief learners ourselves.

So let’s come together and share and learn in our journey of  discovering the teacher within….


  1. A teacher is someone who not only teach but also he acts like a real friend, a philosopher who discovers the potentials of his/her children and a guide who always shows his/her helping hand towards everyone who comes contact to him/her.

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