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Re-imagining Teachers

The video above is a dilagoue between educators on re-imagining what is desirable in teachers and how to build that.


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My Reflections on the Village Expedition

~~ Reflections by IAAT Residents on their expedition to two of the villages in Haryana ~~

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“As a child, summer vacations meant visiting my maternal uncle, who owns a farm in a village. So the mention of a village always brought back images of a self-reliant, agriculture-based unit where life, though full of challenges, was based on diligent hard work and a simple way of living. All villagers worked as per the skill and resources they had. Government aid was limited and its distribution questionable, as was evident from the daily issues for which the villagers sought help from my uncle. Caste –system deeply pervaded daily life, and education was only a means to attain literacy, usually only for the male members of the family, with no desire to learn and grow as an individual…

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My Reflection on the trip to Camp Chrysalid


Was it an eye-opener, or was it a mirror, was it about self awareness or self empowerment , was it about learning how to be a teacher or about how to be a human being. Lying under the stars I thought to myself…. aren’t we just like these stars, that shine because of the light within. Just like each star needs the support of the clouds , the city lights to be low, the pollution levels to be low for it to be visible, the IAAT faculty is the support and the space to us today. The challenge is to find the light within regardless of this “space” and support. We need to overcome our fears whether it is a fear of heights or fear of being alone or fear of fire or simply the fear to express openly. I can now appreciate how critical it is to create that space for ourselves , for other, and for every child to express freely. We need to step out of our comfort zones aka our nice comfy beds and step into the world with kids that are easy to work with and kids that are not so easy to work with , aka into our sleeping bags in the harsh cold climate. Every activity seemed strange to be in a camp for being a teacher, but in hind sight it was highly appropriate. It was analogous to the barriers that we need to surpass.

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I am…

I am a dreamer

I am a learner

I am a believer

I build a nation

I am a Teacher 

A movement and a force to regain our pride as teachers and connect with the important work we have. We need belief; in ourselves, our work and in our children. Only when we believe, we make it happen.

We can change the world. Can we trust this and not treat it as mere rhetoric?

Only when we realize our potential, we can help our children to discover their true potential.Who we are matters more than what we teach. We have known all along that we have to live whatever we expect from our children. If we want them to be life long learners, then we have to be chief learners ourselves.

So let’s come together and share and learn in our journey of  discovering the teacher within….