I am a Teacher

I listen…
To the wind
To the words said or unsaid
To the laughter and cries
To the child in me
And the child outside
I have wings
I can fly
Fly to different worlds
Worlds that we together create
With our hearts and with our minds
I dance with you
I am with you, my child
And learn with you
I am joyous
I am me
I am a teacher

I see…
The light and the dark
The lowest and the highest
A speck and the universe
You and me
All inside and outside
With my eyes open or closed
I feel your joy in the games you play
I feel your pain when you cry
I see through your tears and smile
Really see who you are
When I see who I am
Dream of harmony and peace
In the inner and the outer world
I rejoice
I am a dreamer
I am me
I am a teacher

I love…
The trees
Oceans and skies
I love…
The rivers
Flowers and mountains
I love you, my child
No matter what you do
And who you are
When you fall
Make a mistake
Stand and rise
Learn and move forward
Your errors and slips
Are dear to me
I believe in you
Each time you do a wrong
You grow
I love that you know
What is more important than right
Is to be aware of your wrong
I grow with you, my child
I am a believer
I am me
I am a teacher

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